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Hi! Welcome to "0nyx is 0nline"! As the name suggests, my name is 0nyx, and I'm 0nline!

This site is an ongoing project of mine that I started with the purpose of furthering my coding skills, keeping the old web alive, finally disconnecting myself from social media and curating a place for me to keep all of the things I love without worrying about what other people think and without having my content hidden for one reason or another.

Since this is ongoing, a lot of things will be under construction and a lot of things will change every now and again, but that's the fun in it! For a complete list of all the resources I've used for my website that are not of my own creation, click HERE!

As of MAY 12th, 2023, and until further notice, MOST LINKS ARE UNRESPONSIVE!!! It's a lot of work to be done and I'm starting my senior year of college, so I don't have a lot of free time to code rn!

  • 2023年5月17日 - web mall opened!
  • 2023年5月17日 - library opened!
  • 2023年5月12日 - resources page launched!
  • 2023年5月11日 - home page v2.0 launched!
  • 2023年4月22日 - landing page v2.0 launched!
  • 2023年4月3日 - adjusted some minor spacing issues on main page.
  • 2023年3月26日 - whole site renamed to 0nyx is 0nline!
  • 2023年3月17日 - main page launched!
  • 2023年3月11日 - landing page launched!

  • basically work on the whole site LOL
  • coming next: to my moon page

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  • The Internet is feeling: The current mood of the Internet at www.imood.com

So, if 0nyx is 0nline, who even is 0nyx? Well, that's me! Your new favorite internet puppy girl, wruff wruff!!

I'm 22, I use they/she pronouns and I'm an autistic lesbian, and I love love love my girlfriend!! I'm currently in college working towards getting my bachelors, and I'm a huge fan of writing literally anything! Essays, short stories, poetry, emails, all of it!

When I'm not working on this website or in school, I've recently gotten into Honkai Star Rail, and will eventually make a page dedicated to it. I also really like listening to music, and if it wasn't super obvious, I listen to kpop, find my stan list HERE! I also really like crossover groups and listening to artists like Pavarotti and Il Volo and stuff like that! I've also recently gotten into jpop!

Below the cut, you can find more silly little info about me! :D

  • 10/27/01 (Snake) - Scorpio Sun, Scorpio Moon, Virgo Rising, Sagittarius Venus
  • ISTJ
  • Mixed latina and white :D
  • Chronic illness haver and slayer XD
  • Wannabe anime watcher, wannabe gamer!
  • Unironic enjoyer of shows with laugh tracks and shitty reality TV
  • Betta lover!!
  • Likes: M&M cookies, cooking mama, gnomes and fairy gardens!!
  • Dislikes: Frosted sugar cookies!!!,

Thanks for reading about me!! :D If you wanna reach out to me for any reason, you can EMAIL ME! I check my email on the daily!

LINK TO ME! (follow too pls :D)

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